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August 7, 2020

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I was self-conscious about myself because I'm short, so I figured if I can't grow vertically then I could change my body in other ways.


If I wasn't going to be tall, then I could get ripped and thus began my obsession with lifting weights and working out.


I used to do 100's of crunches every day, even after practice.


I was so hard on myself and obsessed with getting a six-pack that I didn't realize that I already had abs.


I continued to do 100's of crunches each evening before dinner while in high school.


I'm not sure when it happened, but I finally accepted that I had achieved the body I had worked so hard for.


When I look back at pictures of myself from high school I can see how lean I was, which made me think about all the time I wasted doing crunches.


As my fitness knowledge has grown during my career I've learned what works and what doesn't work to get a six-pack.


I went wrong thinking that 100's of crunches would produce a six-pack.


Yes, we need to do some ab work to create a strong midsection, but abs don't have to be the focus of your workout.


In reality, you already have a six-pack. If you can't see it, that's because it's buried underneath fat.


The 2 best ways you can shed fat and start to see your six-pack is to improve your nutrition gradually and make exercise a daily habit.


To improve your nutrition, try these 2 ideas:


1. Replace liquid calories (energy drinks, Starbucks, sodas, alcohol, fruit juices, Gatorade) with water!


2. Reduce the amount of bread, pasta and rice you eat and replace those foods with vegetables. Pasta has 3X the number of calories than broccoli!


These two ideas will allow you to safely reduce calories without starving yourself.


Finally, you have to burn calories through exercise. This doesn't mean doing 100's of crunches.


Choose big movements like squats, deadlifts, rows and pushups. These movements work lots of muscles at once and if done properly will work your abs!


If you're a busy guy trying to get a leaner midsection, what are you doing to make that happen?

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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