June 15, 2020

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Let's first define the word "tone"...


Tone is the firmness of your muscles while completely relaxed.


So how do you get that lean and toned look?


We all have a six pack, it's just hidden beneath a layer of fat.

In order to see muscle definition or muscle tone, you must shed fat.


This is accomplished by doing 2 things:


1. Improving nutrition


Some simple ways to improve your nutrition and shed fat would be to start drinking more water and avoid drinking your calories (sodas, Starbucks, energy drinks, shakes).


You can also eat more fruits and vegetables while reducing (you don't have to totally eliminate) other foods like bread, pasta, cereal and rice.


Eating protein at every meal, including snacks, will raise your metabolism and fill you up faster so you eat less.


2. Exercising


Lifting weights will help you burn calories during and after your workout.


Weight lifting will also increase the size (and strength) of your muscles making them look more toned.


Doing cardio will also burn calories during your workout.


If possible, try and do a few days of weight lifting and a few days of cardio with 1-2 rest days built in.


Doing kettlebell training blurs the line between strength training and cardio.


Kettlebells allow you to work both in a short amount of time.


Now that you understand what muscle tone is, what will you do to get that look?


I would love to hear your plan of action.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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