June 15, 2020

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How To Do Kettlebell Carries

In this video I will show you how to do kettlebell carries.


1. Why you should do kettlebell carries
2. What people usually do wrong
3. How to do it right
4. Please leave a comment if you have questions

Do you want to strengthen your grip and core at the same time?  


Look no further than kettlebell carries.  Specifically, the Farmer's Walk, Suitcase Carry and Rack Carry.


Kettlebell training requires a lot of attention to detail and a significant amount of time to really master each movement.  The beauty of learning kettlebell carries is that they take just a few simple cues to learn and you can feel your muscles working instantly.


You can think of these movements as a walking plank.  You should focus on keeping your body square and your midsection tight with each movement.


The Farmer's Walk allows you to carry a significant amount of weight, which simulates carrying things like multiple grocery bags or heavy equipment.  Your grip, shoulders, upper back and core will light up once you start walking around with heavy kettlebells.  Don't let the kettlebells rest on your thighs and make sure to keep your shoulders down and back.  


The Suitcase Carry is just a single kettlebell version of the Farmer's Walk.  The benefit of this exercise is that we load the body asymmetrically.  Your core is going to work really hard to keep your body square.  Make sure not to learn toward the kettlebell or over compensate by leaning in the opposite direction.


The Rack Carry is a bit more challenging due to the placement of the kettlebell.  Your shoulders and core will light up as you walk around with a kettlebell or kettlebells in the rack position.  The advantage of placing a kettlebell in the rack position is that it creates something called intra-abdominal pressurization.  Basically, the weight of the kettlebell plus gravity compresses your midsection, which fires all the muscles in your core.


Try incorporating kettlebell carries into your workout and see how long you can walk around.  I guarantee you'll feel your muscles burning and your heart rate will elevate.


Please comment below if you have any questions or click here to learn more.  www.rjkettlebell.com


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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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