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Tight Hips? Do This Mobility Drill!

August 15, 2017

Tightness in your hips can lead to back pain, a decrease in athletic performance and poor form in the gym.  The risk for injury greatly increases as we tend to compensate when the hips don't move properly or are restricted in some way.  


Compensation or dysfunction in the hips can often lead to back and knee pain.  If certain body parts are not functioning correctly, pain can manifest itself in area above (lumbar spine) and below (knees) the dysfunctional area.


In an athletic competition, most if not all athletic movement comes from the hips.  If we cannot fully access our hips, then we are losing the ability to generate power.


Proper form while working out can also be negatively impacted by tightness or restriction in the hips.  If your hips and hamstrings are so tight that you cannot hinge (deadlift and swing) without rounding your back, then you need to address your hip mobility.  If your knees cave in while squatting or you cannot squat deeply, then that may be another indication that you need to address your hips.


So how do you address your tight hips?  Let me introduce you to the 90/90 position.  In the 90/90 position we can explore a lot of movement and target the hips from many different angles.  If you find certain movements in the 90/90 position to be beneficial, then incorporate them into your warm-up.  Check out the video below to see the 90/90 position and all the different movements you can explore.




Stay Strong,


Ryan Jankowitz

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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