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I don't have to tell you this, but training for these certifications is hard work and nerve racking!

It can be overwhelming to say the least.

And the reality is you have only so much time to train.

You've got to practice your grinds (Presses, Squats) and your ballistics (Swings, Cleans and Snatches).  You've also got to improve your Turkish Getups and prepare for the dreaded Snatch Test.
Again, so many qualities to train for!  You just want to pass and earn your certification, right? 
The ONLY way you can accomplish this is with a training plan that addresses all of these points - strength, endurance and technique.
And if you don't make time to address these qualities, you'll have a tough time earning your certification and you might even injure yourself...
It's a struggle to find the right balance to train these qualities, so we often neglect one or two techniques​..... but we tell ourselves I'll just learn it at the certification.
We need to balance our training so we feel confident in our abilities and earn that coveted certification.
And that's exactly why I help people just like you - to feel confident going into one of these certifications and fill in the gaps in your training.​
An expertly designed training plan created to meet your current ability levels and build you up in time for your certification and improve your technique without overtraining.
By having a training plan prepared for you, you...
  • Will know exactly what techniques need work to be deemed passable
  • Will you gradually build up your endurance for the Snatch Test
  • Will strengthen your body to prepare for the sheer volume of work that it will endure
The agony of not knowing what to do to in order to prepare for your certification will be long gone.
Don't believe me?  Here's what Paul had to say, "I began working with Ryan 3 months prior to my RKC Certification for a much needed tightening of my technique before the big weekend.
Ryan provided fantastic instruction and patiently took me step by step through every movement and all the essential techniques.
Once we were finished, he provided me with a program to put me on track to pass, and the next day emailed me a full review of what we covered and what I needed to work on.
I could not have passed the RKC without the tips Ryan provided and the workout program he put me on.
If you're looking to get put on a track to succeed at the RKC, look no further than Ryan."

My Experience:

  • HKC Assistant Instructor & Host, Bethesda HKC March 2020

  • HKC Assistant Instructor & Host, Bethesda HKC June 2019

  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Gaithersburg HKC November 2018

  • RKC II Assistant Instructor, NYC RKC II May 2017

  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Alexandria HKC April 2017

  • RKC Assistant Instructor, Bryn Mawr RKC October 2016

  • HKC Assistant Instructor, Gaithersburg HKC May 2014

  • RKC Assistant Instructor, Vienna RKC April 2013

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