Done-For-You Kettlebell Workouts is an expertly designed workout routine designed for busy guys who want to lose their spare tire, build lean muscle and increase their energy levels... a workout routine that works for you, without spending countless hours exercising each week.

I don't have to tell you this, but there are so many different workouts out there and so many different pieces of equipment. 


What to choose?!

It can be a little overwhelming!

And the reality is you only have so much time and energy to spend working out.

You've got to do strength training and cardio to lose the gut and look defined.  You've also got to strengthen your core and work on your flexibility to prevent injury  

Again, so many things to do!  You just want to look good naked, right?

The ONLY way you can accomplish this is with a workout that's time efficient, burns a lot of calories and covers all of your bases - strength, cardio, flexibility, core strength.

And if you don't make the time to work out you won't feel good about how you look and your health will suffer.

It's a struggle to find the time to work out consistently, so we often don't..... but we're telling ourselves that we want more confidence in how we see ourselves.

We need to align our thoughts with our actions so we can move forward and work toward that chiseled physique we've always wanted and feel comfortable in our own skin.

And that's exactly why I created Done-For-You Kettlebell Workouts - to fill one of the biggest and most important gaps for busy guys who are:

  • Too busy to spend countless hours running on a hamster wheel when their time is needed elsewhere

  • Frustrated in the gym because they don't know what to do and feel like they're wasting time

  • Struggling to see results after years of trying countless weight loss workouts that promised unrealistic results like “6-pack abs in 30 days”

  • Bored with their current workout and just going through motions

 By having a workout plan done for you each month, you...

  • Will save time by knowing exactly what to do so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy

  • Will burn calories like a furnace so you lose the spare tire

  • Will feel your energy levels rise like a rocket ship so you feel more productive in life

The agony of not knowing what to do to lose weight and looked defined will be long gone.

For just $49 per month you get:

  • 10 heart pumping, time efficient workouts per month

  • Access to my private Facebook group for accountability so you don't feel like you're on your own

  • The ability to share videos with me so we can improve your form so you avoid injury

Let's take action and make a commitment to yourself.

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