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If you want to experience a truly extraordinary life, this message is for you.

And it’s not about quitting your job and frolicking off to foreign lands (although if that’s your goal, power to you!).

It’s about making small and easy choices each day that add up to a massi...


If you're overweight and lack confidence in how you look, then you need to accept that you caused these problems over a long period of time.

Whether it was putting off working out or making poor food choices, you did it to your...

In a 2007 Harvard study, researchers recruited 84 maids who cleaned rooms in hotels.

They were divided into 2 groups.

One group heard a brief presentation explaining that their work qualifies as good exercise.

The other group didn’t.

Over the next 30 days, the changes in t...

Losing weight can be hard and confusing.

There's so much information online now, it's hard to know what works and doesn't work.

Diets are hard to sustain.

Books and weight loss programs can make unrealistic promises, which could leave you feeling like a failure when you d...

There are two primary ways people handle themselves in their own lives.

One person is the passenger. They allow others and outside factors to steer the direction of their lives. To dictate what happens to them, where they go, how they feel, where they end up at the end...

Let's first define the word "tone"...

Tone is the firmness of your muscles while completely relaxed.

So how do you get that lean and toned look?

We all have a six pack, it's just hidden beneath a layer of fat.

In order to see muscle definition or muscle tone, you must shed...

Dr. Cate Shanahan has been extremely vocal, especially since the pandemic hit about the havoc seed oils are wreaking on the human body.

She’s one of the topic metabolic experts in the world, and she knows a thing or two about how the human body functions.

Before processe...

Ahhhhh that reptilian brain of yours!

Designed for seeking pleasure and rest.

For avoiding change and doing scary things.

You can thank your brain for protecting your multi-millennia old human ancestors, but you’ve gotta get it in check for the world we exist in today.