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When you start a program to get healthy and fit, develop better habits, get out of pain, or whatever the case may be, one thing you probably don’t expect is how your mind transforms.

Health and fitness can be very elusive, multi-failure, hard to reach topics for the maj...

You've experienced it a time or two (or a hundred). So have I.

That feeling of overwhelm trying to navigate the complexities of 2020 can so kindly provide.

It can be a heaviness that shows up to de-motivate us, stress us out, or keep us up an night.

It can come down...

The phrase “Quarantine 15” has been spreading quickly these past few months.

It turns out time was never really the problem when it comes to consistent fitness.

Motivation, it turns out, hasn’t soared during the lockdown, and it seems like people are using this time to e...

Did you know that research shows that literally just taking care of your health for a few DAYS drastically improves your immune response?

That’s right – healthy food, getting exercise, sleeping enough, and managing your stress for even a few days shows positive impact o...

There’s this long-standing myth that eating healthy is harder or more time consuming than eating unhealthy.

And in the world of convenience we live in today, it’s simply not true.

Whether you’re a fast food junkie, restauranteur, or you love preparing home-cooked meals,...

If you're getting bored with the same workout routine at home, then you'll love these kettlebell workouts I've put together for you.

They are time efficient, total body workouts meant to burn fat and tone your muscles.

You can download them for free here.

I've even includ...

Until it happened in real life.

A virus spreading. The whole world shut down.

A global pandemic.

If you told the version of you just a few months ago what the world would look like today, you’d think you were a conspiracy theorist.

But it’s here. This new reality.


One of the things I’m most proud of - both in my personal choices and in how I have been able to impact clients in my career - is getting them out of the stories that cause us to play small.

You see, we stay small because it’s comfortable.

It’s the known.

We say we wa...