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We all know that a big part of losing weight or maintaining our health comes down to things like exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, and managing stress.

But did you know that what you think also affects how your body looks and feels?

Let me explain…

There’s a...

Weight loss can be tough.

There's a lot of information on the internet, in books and magazines that can seem contradictory.

Eat this way, avoid these foods, exercise for this many minutes per week, count this and that.... it's exhausting when you think about it.

It really...

If you want to change your body, one of the most common defaults for people to fall into is research mode.

They read all the articles that come up in their social media newsfeed.

They do all the Googling.

They ask all of their friends what’s worked for them.

They buy the b...

“Just eat better and get more exercise.”

It really doesn’t sound that hard, does it?

In theory, it’s not.

Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, or just be healthier and have more energy, the path to get there is fairly simple.

It’s kinda just a matter of doing t...

The challenging times we are facing are unprecedented and worrisome to say the least.

Staying at home and changing our routines takes getting used to. Going to the gym and eating out at your favorite restaurant just aren't feasible right now (come on Red Maple Sushi, do...

People often ask me: “How can I become more consistent with exercise and eating right?”

And I think a lot of times my answer surprises people.

Wanna know what it is? 😀


That’s my answer.

And it’s insanely simple.

Because truthfully, if you want to start exercising mo...

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