"Ryan showed me how to get a very safe and effective workout with kettlebells and eat a healthier diet.  I am in so much better shape, am stronger, and have improved my kettlebell skills immensely. I have lost weight, built muscle, and feel better overall. You can actually see my abs and I have real definition in my arms. :)" - Cindy

I created my 90-Day Kettlebell Transformation Program to help clients just like Cindy.

She wasn't sure how to workout AND eat effectively to lose weight.

She was self-conscious about her body and didn't have confidence in herself.

She had tried other weight loss programs that made unrealistic promises like "6-pack abs in 30 days", but felt like a failure when she didn't meet the goals of these programs.

Look, there's an overabundance of information on the internet and it's hard to figure out what works and what doesn't work.

This is why I've brought all of my knowledge together into one program.


To help busy adults lose weight and eat healthier so that they can feel more confident in the way they look and feel.

We learn about nutrition and making healthier food choices to take out the guesswork so you can know what and when to eat for faster results... which means you’ll fit better in your clothes.


Our kettlebell workouts are appropriately challenging and time efficient even if you have a busy schedule... giving you more time, energy and ability to feel young again.


Other workout programs and challenges are unsustainable because they just beat you up and guarantee unrealistic results.  Ultimately leaving you frustrated, feeling like you’ve failed and achieving results is just too hard.

Essentially, I teach you how to effectively train with a kettlebell and make healthier food choices.  These are the same principles I’ve used to help numerous clients lose weight and feel more confident in how they look and feel without starving themselves or spending countless hours in the gym each week.

Still not sure this is for you???

Here's what my client Erin had to say: "I've worked with Ryan for a little over three years. In that time I've lost over 60 pounds, but more importantly I've improved my posture, my stress level, my core strength, and my confidence."

I'm ready to help and support you.  

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